Monday, January 31, 2011

Sustainability Committee

The ISA Sustainability Committee which was a Subcommittee until late 2010 is set to achieve a variety of goals this year. 2010 was a an important year for the committee establishing itself as a legitimate committee set to tackle various sustainability issues and become a resource for the sign industry.

The committee is made up of a diverse group of industry professionals from various backgrounds. The complete list of members is below. Also listed below is an inside look at a few of the committees goals. 

I.   ISA 2011 Strategic Plan pertaining to the Sustainability Committee

The safety, quality and acceptance of industry products, services, and performance will 
improve as a result of ISA sponsored research and influence in industry standards and guidelines. 

Objective 1:  Expand outreach efforts to standard setting and regulatory groups, and develop cooperative training initiatives that address signage and visual communication standards.
Objective 2:  Improve outreach efforts to affiliated industries/associations to gather 
technical and training knowledge.

Objective 3:  Increase ISA research capabilities in support of industry positions.

Objective 4:  Improve ISA’s and industry’s understanding and documentation of best 
practices in the signage and visual communications industry.

II.  2011 Program Initiatives

Sustainability Committee Mission Statement: Position ISA as a leader in sustainability in the sign industry, reflecting support of people, planet, and profits as a whole.
Program Initiative I: Develop industry positions and sponsor research to respond to sustainability challenges and government regulation.

- SC Strategic Program Initiative: Research, report, respond, and train on environmental regulatory issues at the local, state and federal level.

Program Initiative II: Encourage and communicate the positive environmental choices available to the on-premise sign industry.

- SC Strategic Program Initiative: Create content to appear regularly in trade publications and online media and social networks.
- SC Strategic Program Initiative: Enhance and develop the Green Product Showcase.

Program Initiative III: Position ISA as the resource for sustainability in the sign industry.

- SC Strategic Program Initiative: Continue review of existing literature and standards to better understand sustainability issues pertaining to ISA members.
- SC Strategic Program Initiative: Increase ISA research capabilities in support of industry positions.
-  SC Strategic Program Initiative: Create additional, online resource for sign industry re: sustainability issues and definitions.

Program Inititative IV: Establish cooperative partnerships with relevant industry organizations

- SC Strategic Program Initiative: Partner/join/sponsor appropriate organizations to strengthen resources available to our stakeholders on sustainability issues as they affect the sign industry.
- SC Strategic Program Initiative: Develop a cooperative Sustainability Summit with participation of relevant organizations and stakeholders.

The 4th relates to building actual resources and case studies. This initiative is an opportunity for other companies to participate and share information about different things being done today regarding sustainability. Anyone who has something to share should contact Sapna Budev.

Environmental Committee Members
Teresa M. Young, Chair, Sign Biz, Inc. – Chair
Sapna Budev – ISA Staff Director
Grady Brown , ASI corporate
Beth Gillespie, Acorn Signs & Graphics
Anne-Marie Girard, Akzo Nobel
Melanee Jech, Icon Identity Solution
Carol Keljo, Security Signs
Jason Melby, Daktronics
Kerry Moore, CAO Group
Harry Niese, Midwest Neon Supply
Mike Santos, Nova Polymers

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

How To Be A Green Sign Company

In the January issue of Sign Builder Illustrated there is a Green Supplement that has several articles related to green issues including one that I wrote called "How To Be A Green Sign Company." 

As we move into 2011 there is still a lot of uncertainty around what companies need to do to be more environmentally conscious. This article along with the other articles in this issue give insight into what other companies are doing which hopefully inspires you to do the same.

After reading my article a college had the following comments which I thought I'd share - "When you look at green the easiest way to accomplish large goals is to be minimalistic about your approach-  If you re-evaluate your product line and ask Do I  need this or how can I condense  this product - that is where the win – win comes from -  Saving money and reducing resources."