Monday, July 26, 2010

Growing Plastic

Bioplastic (plastics made from renewable biomass resources) have been around for awhile now and  are being used for all kinds of applications, including signage. Metabolix is one of the companies that has created different types of bioplastic and has recently found a way to grow bioplacstic in saw grass.

Below is a great video  from BioDigest that talks about bioplastic and how they are grwoing it in sawgrass at the end of the video.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Interior Signage for World’s First LEED® Platinum Hospital

I have long been interested in doing a seriers of case studies that highlight the signage that goes in LEED certfied facilites and how these packages get built.  Below is a case study from ASI that highlights the sign package they build for the Dell Children’s Medical Center of Central Texas.

Interior Signage for World’s First LEED® Platinum Hospital
Dell Children’s Medical Center of Central Texas, a member of the Seton Family of Hospitals, is the first LEED® Platinum hospital in the world. The hospital is the only dedicated, freestanding children’s hospital in the Central Texas region and offers a wide range of pediatric services.

Because the Dell Children’s Medical Center of Central Texas was seeking to attain LEED Platinum certification through the USGBC, it took meticulous care throughout the project to ensure that every element and material fit in with its green building philosophy. This outlook applied to the interior signage system as well - regardless of the fact that wayfinding signage does not contribute to LEED points.

About the Solution
ASI was selected by Karlsberger based on a previous relationship and project experience. Karlsberger was impressed with the flexibility and updateability of the InfinityTM modular line of signage and specified it for this green project. Additionally, the Infinity line incorporates recyclable materials and is produced with a low VOC, polyester, water- based paint system and a chrome-free priming process.

Each sign type throughout the facility was designed around the Infinity system’s modular components. The hospital started with Infinity’s patented, powder coated chassis, then selected additional components to create each sign type. The result was a signage system that is easily updated and expanded with minimal contribution to the waste cycle. The comprehensive system includes room IDs, suspended directional signage and regulatory signage.

ASI also supplied dimensional letters throughout the facility to identify key areas such as the information desk. Additionally, ASI created unique custom patient tower wing IDs. These IDs reflect the materials of the Infinity signs while providing clear wayfinding for visitors and staff.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Halfway Through

 As we approach mid-July we are all in summer mode with thoughts of vacations, barbecues and beaches. The beginning of summer also represents the half way mark of the year.

2010 started with a lot of uncertainty and wondering if things will ever get back to the way they were. One thing we know for certain now is that things will not go back; the world has moved on. Not necessarily bad, just different - the natural evolution of life where one must adapt to survive.

This brings me to the half way point of 2010. How many have hit their environmental goals or are on track to do so?  How many of us have changed or altered our initiatives?

I believe that sharing ideas, initiatives and progress with others helps with accountability, primarily to yourself, while encouraging others and spreading ideas.

I started out this year with the goal of changing the NovAcryl product line and incorporating all base substrates that have recycled content.  Although challenging, the NovAcyl GR product line was recently introduced and we will almost certainly have the complete product line converted by the end of the year.

The second initiative was to change the way Nova does business by creating a paperless environment and tweaking the way we interact with clients to be more efficient, cost effective and less wasteful.  This has proven to be very challenging but we have implemented several new program and have many more things to roll out before the end of the year - more to come.  

There has also been great progress made with the SEGD Sustainability Forum with the launch of the SEGD Green Resource Guide website and the sustainable issue of segdDesin magazine.  We will be doing a work show in NYC July 23 and will be rolling out the Green Certificate Program by the end of the year.

The ISA Environmental Subcommittee is also making great progress.  The committee ran a campaign to find out the level of "green" knowledge in the industry as well as to get an understanding of the industries needs.  The results have let to several initiatives including the development of resources specific to Best Practice for sign companies and suppliers.

Overall a good start to the year with much more to come.

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