Thursday, November 27, 2008

3form 100 Percent - Post Consumer Recycled Material

As Green as it Gets
3form 100 Percent® is made from 100% post-consumer recycled high density polyethylene. With over 1000 milk bottles going into each panel, it can help projects earn up to 2 LEED credits for recycled content (4.1 & 4.2).

And it just got better
This is a truly sustainable material with a refreshingly sophisticated aesthetic, proving that high design can really be low impact.

Choose from two collections
Base: A truly refined material made from 100% raw recycled waste. With contemporary colors and a sleek shimmer, 100 Percent Base is at home in any installation.
Blend: Uniquely combined colors in striking contrasts create an up-cycled material that swirls sustainability into any space.



Nyloboard Recyled Composite Board

Nyloboard is changing the building industry the way fiberglass changed the boating industry!

Nyloboard is a technologically advanced manufacturer of an innovative composite board. There are no other products on the market that use Nyloboards' patented manufacturing process to combine recycled nylon fibers with synthetic VOC free resins to produce a state-of-the-art composite panel called Nyloboard.
-The nylon fibers that are used to produce Nyloboard are collected from Carpet manufacturers. The carpet products are pre-consumer. They have never been sold or even left the manufacturers facility until they are shipped to Nyloboard.
-No special tools are needed for working with Nyloboard. Simply use the tools you already own. However, no tweezers are needed because Nyloboard does not splinter like wood.
-In addition to being painted or stained, Nyloboard also bonds with glues and other contact adhesives to hold laminates and overlays. The possibilities are endless.
-Unlike wood products, Nyloboard does not warp when it comes in contact with liquid. Because Nyloboard is constructed from Nylon fibers the liquid does not penetrate to cause bowing or edge swelling.
-Nyloboard is not made from wood or wood products. It does not mold, rot, or warp. Nyloboard does not hurt the environment by causing deforestation. In fact Nyloboard is preventing tons of nylon carpet from being dumped into landfills every year.

Reclaim: 3form Recycling Program

3form takes responsibility for its products over their entire life-cycle. Our Reclaim program reuses and recycles materials removed from installations or panels damaged in production. It is a bi-directional process that prevents panels from entering the landfill and extends their useful life.

Available in a set of standardized sizes and subject to 3form’s rigid quality control standards, this project presents a rare opportunity for consumers and designers to acquire unique panels ready for a second use.

At 3form

- All 3form panels are shipped with labels and instructions for installers
- Imperfect panels or those damaged during production are trimmed of flaws and resold in smaller standard sizes on our reclaim website.

- Installers place the label in a discreet location, such that it will only be seen upon dismantling
- When a project is dismantled, the contractor sees the label and notifies 3form, who then arranges for return shipping back to 3form facilities

Back at 3form
- Panels are inspected and, where possible, refurbished for donation or resale at a discounted price on our website.
- Panels not in condition to be resold will be refurbished, donated, recycled, or disposed of in the most responsible possible way.

3form donates ten percent of all proceeds from Reclaim panels to the Rocky Mountain Institute(RMI). To learn more visit

3form Varia ecoresin

As its name implies, the choices of Varia ecoresin panels are as diverse as your imagination. By allowing you to custom-select the color, pattern, texture, interlayer, and finish of your material, Varia transforms into the perfect medium for your architectural application. Made standard from a minimum of 40% post-industrial recycled resin- Varia is the perfect product for your next green project.

In this collection, carefully selected natural materials are artfully arranged and elevated to a modern aesthetic. Explore the very best that nature has to offer.

Pure Color
Interlayers of color that can be mixed together to create the custom color of your choice from over 50,000 options.

Woven Color
A collection of hues with a gentle luster and a subtle texture. Choose color from this collection for a diffused effect with shimmering depth.

Vibrant and colorful, this collection features hand dyed capiz shells, and colorful crushed glass interlayers.

With ecoresin as the body and ultra-thin sliced wood veneer as the soul, this new product redefines a classic through light transmission and formability.

This collection combines refined color with intimate detail for a sophisticated aesthetic that is both versatile and timeless.

From fluid organic patterns to constructed reliefs, these embossed and debossed designs are dazzling when illuminated. Textures are surface applications.

This collection showcases clean, crisp screen-printed patterns ranging from industrial to ornate.

Experience colors that shift with the viewing angle and shift again when ambient light changes. Available in two colors and two finish options.

Explore the power of imagery in spatial design. See the impact of imagery encapsulated in ecoresin.

MSD Visual Solar Powered LED

MSD Visual (New York, NY) has developed Solar Powered LED Sign Solutions. Solar power is an ever-improving technology that will revolutionize municipal sign lighting in cities. This solar street sign has internal LED illumination, a thin-line amorphous/crystalline solar cell module with built-in rechargeable battery pack, and a smart control system. It can hold a charge for up to 19 days, even with no sun. Not only do solar-powered signs use no generated electricity, they save materials by requiring no digging or rearrangement of utilities.

Objective.............................reduction in energy use.
- "intelligent" power management technology
- patented software and optics
- no special engineering required
- aesthetic, slim profile, integrated PV panels
- independent off-grid technology
- no costly installation
- no trenching or site construction
- 30 day self contained power supply
- automated on/off, energy-saving modes
- field replacement of parts
- 10 year warranty on all parts

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wayfinding: Acorn ECO Sign Solutions

Acorn Sign Graphics in Richmond, VA has developed a series of Eco-Friendly sign solutions. The Acorn Eco Series was designed using environmentally friendly materials and fabricating processes while meeting the intended purpose of a wayfinding solution. The following principals were used:

- Modular Components
- Eco-Friendly Substrates
- Recycle-Able Content and Components
- Minimum Use of Adhesive and Paints

Example: ae02 Series (third sign from the left)

Over the lifespan of a building, there are typically multiple design changes to the buildings interior elements and signage. The AcornEco ae02 sign system was designed with components that meet the typical design lifecycle. NovAcryl-ECR photopolymer panels were used to create the tactile portion of the sign which has a life span of 5-10 years. All other components including the mounting system, aluminum pucks/strips and ¾” Bamboo back plate meet or exceed the 5-10 year lifecycle.

Air Quality
This sign system incorporates materials that do not outgas high levels of VOC once installed in a buildings interior. Color was applied to the tactile images with Low VOC Heat Transfer Foil. There are no adhesives used in the system.

The amount of waste produced in the fabrication of the sign system and its components including the photopolymer panel is minimal. The effluent from the photopolymer is 100% bio-degradable.

The NovAcryl-ECR photopolymer panel incorporates 3forms EcoResin which has 40% post consumer recycled content and can be recycled after its use in this system in multiple ways; through 3forms Reclaim recycling program; or recycled through other plastic supplier recycling programs. The aluminum puck/strip can be sent to a recycling facility to be up-cycled or they can be re-purposed by the fabricator.

Energy Efficiency
The AcornEco ae02 system incorporates low energy materials, like Bamboo for the back plate and a photopolymer / PETG base for the tactile element. Although the aluminum pieces incorporated have many advantages on the recycle-ability front, aluminum as a whole can be considered a high energy material due to the high temperatures required to manufacturer and recycle the raw material.
Architectural Drawings
Acorn Eco ae01
Acorn Eco ae02
Acorn Eco ae03

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Air Quality: Colored Substrates vs. Painted

Indoor Air Quality is one of the most important environmental issues concerning building and designing interior elements. There are many strategies that can be used to reduce the amount of VOC's that are emitted into the air. One big and often overlooked strategy is to use materials and substrates that have inherent color as opposed to using materials that need to be colored via paint or some other VOC emitting process.

The material that gets chosen for a specific project may have may attributes that lead to choosing that material. With this being said, another material may be the more practical choice if a major step in the fabricating process can be eliminated by simply choosing another material with inherent color.

Example: An 1/8" clear tactile sign face is mounted to a black back plate. A typical approach may be to use clear Acrylic with black paint applied. An alternative approach would be to use another substrate that is available in black such as a black sheet of ABS.

ABS can be used as an alternative to standard Acrylic and is available in many standard solid colors. ABS also has many other environmental benefits compared to Acrylic such as the recyclability of the material.

Friday, November 21, 2008

ASI Modulex introduces Terra

Terra ADA-Ready™ signs unite image and style to meet all of the needs of sustainable building environments. Terra is made from ecoresin™, a 40% post-industrial recycled content, non-off-gassing material. Terra’s nearly endless patterns and color options combine to provide aesthetic appeal for sustainable buildings, while meeting ADA guidelines and a Class 1/A fire rating.

Product Features

- 15 standard materials available for "quick ship" purposes
- 1/16", 1/8", 1/4", and 3/8" thicknesses available on select materials
- Endless non-standard material options through layering and graphic applications
- 40% post-industrial recycled material bonded to a 1/32" clear, high-resolution polyester photopolymer
- Material production process uses plain tap water and its effluent is 100% biodegradable which can be disposed of in any public waste disposal system
- GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified™ and Scientific Certification Systems certified for recycled content
- Class A or B flammability and smoke spread rating
- Class A achieved with usage in facilities with a fire suppression system

Finishes & Graphics

- Standard Material Options: Tiger Thatch, Mega Cirque Silver, Bloom Tangerine, Ion Green Tea, Fossil Leaf, Linea Ivory, Banana Fiber Light, Mari Seamless, Bear Grass, Bear Grass Lite, Pure Copper, Pure Red, Black, Eiderdown, Melody
- 18 Standard Tactile Paint Colors: White, Black, Green, Dark Cream, Light Gray, Dark Green, Light Beige, Medium Gray, Medium Blue, Brushed Gold, Dark Gray, Dark Blue, Brushed Silver, Burgundy, Deep Navy, Yellow, Red, and Dark Brown
- Custom colors available
CLICK HERE to Download Product Profile and CSI Specs

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

NovAcryl® ECR™ Photopolymer

Fairfield, NJ - NovAcryl® ECR, a new line of sign materials for high-resolution raised graphics and ADA-compliant signage, broadly expands the selection of colors, patterns, textures and finishes now available for sign fabrication. NovAcryl® ECR, offered exclusively by Nova Polymers, addresses the need for more creative sign solutions by the architectural design and sign fabrication industry.

The comprehensive selection of sign materials is a result of Nova Polymers partnering with 3form®, recognized worldwide for innovative materials offered to architects and designers. Nova Polymers bonds its high-resolution clear photopolymer to 3form’s Varia series base material to create sign solutions as diverse as your imagination. Sign designers can now custom select the color, pattern, texture, interlayer and finish of the sign material.

Best of all, NovAcryl® ECR is environmentally friendly and user friendly. The unique sign material is processed in plain tap water and bonds to 3-form’s EcoResin panels, which are non-toxic and have up to 40% recycled content.

Nova Polymers is the largest U.S. manufacturer and distributor of photopolymer sign products. For more information on NovAcryl® ECR and other contemporary solutions for high-resolution raised graphics and ADA-compliant signage, visit or call toll-free 888.484.6682.