Sunday, March 22, 2009

Wind Powered Signage

I was scanning through the March issue of Sign Builder Illustrated and came across the Quotes and Comments section where there was a short write up about Coca-Cola's new digital billboards in Times Square using wind power. This led me to do a search on wind powered signage.

In addition to Coca-Cola's launch of wind powered digital billboards in late 2008, very soon Ricoh will launch a sign in Times Square powered by wind turbines and solar panel. The wind-turbine technology has been developed by WePOWER (Torrance, CA) and will be powered by 16 wind turbines and 64 solar panels. This combination is estimated to save 18 tons of carbon per year and roughly $12,000 to $15,000 a month in electricity.

Although incorporating wind power into signage is not an everyday type of event for most of us, these stories illustrate how advances in environmentally conscious technologies can be applied to signage. With a little ingenuity and a bit of creativity we can all see how these technologies can be implemented.

To read more, ask our good friends at Google and you'll find some really interesting stuff.

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Friday, March 20, 2009

NovAcryl-ECR Ithemba

The photo below is a picture of a sign plaque created by Nova Polymers using the NovAcryl-ECR-Ithemba photopolymer material. The base material is made from 3form's Varia Ithemba which is part of the 3form Full Circle line of materials.

The goal of creating this sign was to show different ways incorporate environmentally conscious elements and methodologies into a sign.

Key Green Elements:
- NovAcryl-ECR photopolymer for tactile lettering - low energy water etching process where the effluent is 100% bio-degradable
- 3form Varia Ithemba base substrate as part of the NovAcryl-ECR. Ithemba is 3form's most well-know Full Circle product where HIV-impacted women in Africa weave copper and traditional beeds while recieving business skills training, job skills training, marketing support and mentorship.
- Incorporates recyclable aluminum stand offs
- No adhesives
- ABS back plate with Brushed Aluminum Foil finish for easy fabrication, light weight material

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Monday, March 16, 2009

3form Signage Portfolio

Below are a few pictures of sign project taken from 3form's website that show some different ways the Varia Ecoresin panels have been incorporated into signage.

PROJECT INFO: University of California, San Diego
Application: Signage
Industry: Education
Designer: Carrier Johnson
Location: San Diego, CaliforniaUSA

PROJECT INFO: Little Rock National Airport
Application: Signage
Industry: Public Space
Designer: Ryan Biles (designer Fred Moseley)
Location: Little Rock, ARUSA

PROJECT INFO: University of Utah Hospitals & Clinics
Application: Signage
Industry: Healthcare
Designer: RHO Designs
Location: South Jordan, UtahUSA

PROJECT INFO: St. Andrews Club and Conference Center
Application: Signage
Industry: Corporate
Designer: Patricia Rynkun, GIO TAN Design

PROJECT INFO: Cannon Wright Blount
Application: Signage
Industry: Corporate
Designer: Helen Balch/The Crump Firm
Location: Memphis, TNUSA

PROJECT INFO: Ogden Nature Center
Application: Signage
Industry: Public Space
Location: Ogden, UTUSA

PROJECT INFO: Chiao Tung Bank
Application: Signage
Industry: Corporate

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Solar Illumination

Solar Electronic Power Company (SEPCO) in Stuart, FL has developed a variety of solar illumination options that are ideal for illuminating exterior signage. Solar technology is being Incorporated in lighting exterior signage from billboards to street signs to architectural signage.

CLICK HERE to view SEPCO's gallery of unique projects and product offerings

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Digital Wayfinding Signage

In the March issue of SEGD Design Jenny S.Reising wrote an article about digital wayfinding signage that is worth reading. The article talks about the Smithsonian's digital wayfinding system along with challenges and the future of digital wayfinding.

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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

PPG Coraflon

The SEGD Green Paper discusses strategies related to Air and Environmental Quality and the techniques that can be used to reduce VOC's in projects. "New powder-coating techniques and paints achieve low-VOC standards with minimal paint use. Coraflon by PPG is an example of a no-VOC coating used in architectural and sign applications, such as those at the William J. Clinton Presidential Library."

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Monday, March 2, 2009

Green Signage in Produce

Incorporating recycled materials along with materials that can serve another purpose at the of their life cycle is a growing phenomenon. The concept of re-purposing materials fits with building environmentally conscious systems and reducing the amount of overall waste in a project. Most of us only think of recycling in terms of recycled content or if the material can be sent to a recycling center. The concept of re-purposing materials has many unique advantages.

Acorn Sign Graphics in Richmond, VA has embraced the methodologies behind sustainable design and has worked on several green project. Below are a few pictures of signage Acorn developed for a natural food grocery store.

According to Acorn’s President Beth Gillispie, “Ellwood Thompson’s, a natural foods grocery store whose philosophy is to be as sustainable as possible throughout the business—their products and their built environment. The design challenge is to make a modern store feel like a farmer’s market. We have worked with the owner/architect to redesign all their interior and exterior signage. Notice the frame system holding the point of purchase produce signs running along the walls and in the center displays. The structure is fabricated from steel rebar reclaimed from a large construction site. We had the rebar powder coated (more green friendly than paint) clear to contain the rusting and prevent rust from contaminating the produce or the hanging signage—but still allow the natural rust coloration to show through as a design element. Almost all steel is made of recycled material; this steel rebar is reclaimed as well—in its third life if you will. The system uses mechanical fastenings: see screws in center console assembly as well as the clips for the sign holders. The hanging clips are anodized aluminum carabiners, making it possible for the market to easily add to or reduce the number of signs. The sign holders are custom fabricated from clear PETG (recyclable material), heat bent to form the sandwich to hold each sign insert. This gives the store complete flexibility to make their own changeable 8.5x11 (recycled) paper inserts. So, reclaimed material, recyclable material (all parts), mechanical fasteners, durable, modular and changeable. Also notice the larger signs: direct to substrate printed on board panels (all eco-friendly materials and processes)."

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