Wednesday, March 24, 2010

International Green Construction Code

Below is a link that will allow you to download and review the International Green Construction Code Public Version 1.0. There ia also a good review for reference.

International Green Construction Code

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New listing on

On 3.10.10 Nova Polymers and Vista Systems were added to GreenSpec under Signage - CSI Section 10 14 00 on

Nova's listing highlights the non-toxic, biodegradable characteristics of the photopolymer along with the the recycled content used as the base substrate in the NovAcryl products.

Vista's Modular Curved Frame Technology (MCFT) is highlighted for the way the aluminum sign system is manufactured along with all the benefits that goes along with the modular aspects of the system.
For more information visit

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Monday, March 15, 2010

Green Sign Project in Virginia

Acorn Sign Graphics, Richmond, VA recently did a signage project for a building re-model which achieve LEED Gold certification. The client was the Virginia Association of Countries. Everything about this projects relates to the methodology of being green and showcases how signage can have a positive impact on LEED projects.

According to Beth Gillispie, President of Acorn Sign Graphics, " The architecture of the impressive four story structure, circa 1866, is ornate style reminiscent of Venetian Renaissance palaces. Fast forward one hundred fifty years....the new owner completes a major renovation of the building for his association headquarters and achieves LEED Gold certification.

Our Challenge: Create a cohesive system of signs using sustainable materials which might contribute to an Innovation in Design credit in the quest for LEED certification. Speak to both the old and the new, while being as "green" as possible.

Deliverable: Design, produce and install a prominent lobby installation to orient visitors to the green features of the renovation, as well as LEED educational signs throughout the building and on the roof garden to highlight sustainable practices. Also include room identification, wayfinding and historic and LEED plaques.

Something we think is cool: How green it is! Gorgeous 300 year old heart pine was reclaimed for the old beams of the building and used to create the sign faces. The lobby signage repeats the double arch shape of the original windows, with dimensional letters also made from wood. The text and design elements were printed to the substrate with UV-cured inks which emit no VOC's. Mechanical fasteners decreased the use of solvents and adhesives. The aluminum pucks and clamps add a contemporary touch - and are recyclable. Since the heart pine would not survive long in the exposed conditions of the rooftop garden, we scanned the wood and created a graphic printed on a long lasting dHPL panel. The sign looks like the interior signs, and the durability of the material (25 years) is another sustainable asset."

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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Signs and the Environment Article

In the February issue of Sign Media Canada, Bill Dundas, technical director of ISA, was interviewed about "Signs and the Environment." The interview took place after a recent presentation ISA did called "It's Not Easy Being Green."

CLICK HERE is view the article - page 22.

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Friday, March 5, 2010

The Evo Element Reincarnation Exhibit Recycling Program

Evo Exhibits is a trade show exhibit company that offers a complete line of green exhibits that are made from eco-friendly materials called Elements. They also have a program called The Evo Element Reincarnation Exhibit Recycling Program where they will take out exhibits, dismantle them and recycle the components.

The amount of waste that is produced in the trade show industry is larger than many of us image. Evo Exhibits has created a "report on the impact of the green movement on the trade show industry" called “An Inconvenient Booth.”

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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

2010 ISA Environmnetal Subcommittee

Last week the ISA Environmental Subcommittee had it's first meeting to discuss the work ahead for 2010. Although the subcommittees budget is tight for this year (like most budgets) there is a lot of progress the committee can make.

I think it is important for the ISA to be one of the voices of the sign industry, the entire sign industry, and to be bring new ideas, programs and best practices to the industry that revolve around environmental consciousness.

As a members, I plan on sharing the subcommittees work and progress throughout the year. I would also like to ask everyone what they would like to see the subcommittee do and accomplish in 2010 and beyond - think 2020.

Remember, collaborating with your peers brings the whole philosophy of environmental consciousness into play by allowing the sharing of ideas and resources. This means all of us - manufacturers, fabricators and designers.

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