Friday, September 11, 2009

Air Quality in Schools

I just received another newsletter for GreenGuard talking about the growing importance of indoor air quality in schools. Minimizing the air pollutants and VOC's in schools is major factor in LEED for Schools and is being talked about more and more everyday.

Improving the air quality of a school is undoubtedly beneficial to the students and faculty. Most of the current focus regarding air quality revolves around the materials and coating that are being put into schools.

This raises the question to those of us who are designing and fabricating signage for schools; are we looking at creating better signage and wayfinding solutions which match the evolving needs for greener and healthier schools? I have not seen any systems or designs in our industry that are focusing on this issue. One may say that this is an opportunity to distinguish ones self or firm by taking a proactive approach to a main stream issue in green building.

We all know by now that there are very few green things that directly focus on signage and EGD. Air quality improvement in schools should be seen as a challenge and opportunity for us.

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